This license applies to all end users of Pace Control app. By using the app you agree to this license. If you do not agree, do not use the app. You also agree that this license might be updated from time to time, so the details of the license might change slightly in the future. You can always check the current version of the license on our website.

You can use the app for free

You are allowed to use Pace Control app for free. This applies to both - personal and commercial use.

The app is free for use but in return we show advertisements in the app's user interface.

There might be other non-free versions of the app introduced in the future (for example without ads or with additional more advanced functionality). In that case the license will be updated accordingly.

Use the app on your own risk

You are allowed to use the app "as-is". We do our best to give you the product of the best quality, but we cannot guarantee that the software is free from bugs. We cannot be made responsible for any damages or losses resulting from using the app. You use the app on your own risk.

This app is just a tool to help you in your trainings, but this is still your responsibility to verify whether your health is good enough to meet your training goals. Do not blame the app for any potential health problems you might face.

Further restrictions

You are not allowed to modify the app in any way. The only legitimate versions of the app are the versions published on Google Play by PBkSoft.

You are not allowed to decompile or in any way other reverse-engineer the software.

You are not allowed to sell the Pace Control app. If the app is used in any commercial product or service, you must clearly state, that Pace Control is a standalone app which is free and that your customers might download the app directly from Google Play and that they do not pay for it.