Getting the support

If you need a support, before you send us a question, please, check our FAQ. Possibly the answer you are looking for is already there!

If you cannot find the answer in FAQ, please contact us via email at Try to adhere to the following rules as close as possible:

It might take a few days before you get the response. Please, be patient. Sending the request via email using the correct email address guarantees that your message is not lost.

We reserve the right to not responding to support requests if the topic is already explained in FAQ.

Do not use Google Play as a support tool

Please, do not use Google Play as a support tool. We will be happy if you leave a comment about our app there to let others know what you think about the app, but we cannot use Google Play as a place where support requests are collected and processed. We have our own process to support users, which is the most efficient way to receive support, but it requires you to use our support email address