Privacy policy

This policy applies to all end users of Pace Control app and visitors of website. By using the app or website you agree to this privacy policy. If you do not agree, do not use the app or the website. You also agree that this privacy policy might be updated from time to time, so the details of the policy might change slightly in the future. You can always check the current version of the policy on our website.

We take your privacy seriously

We believe that your privacy needs protection. To achieve this, we developed the app with the following principles in mind:

Data read by the app

The app reads the following types of data:

Both of these are necessary to let the app calculate a pace of running.

Data saved by the app

The app saves the following data:

In addition to it, the app persists settings, which you can set on the Settings screen. This includes logins and passwords to external running services which you want to export your workouts to. Pace Control sends them to servers of these services to sign it to your account (required to export data), but they are not sent anywhere else nor used for any other purpose.

Data sent out by the app

When used in remote race mode, when entering the race Pace Control sends race name, race distance and your nickname to our server. This is required for the app to communicate with your opponent. Additionally the app generates and sends an identifier that acts as a session key. This identifier is random, does not contain any data about the phone or the user and is recreated when there is more that an hour between consecutive attempts to enter a race.

When a remote race is in progress, the app continually sends information about the progress of your run to our server to let your opponent access this information. Your location is not sent to the server, only information about how fast you run is stored there. For example, the server knows that it took you 55 seconds to run the first 100 meters, and you were at 120th meter after 67 seconds, but does not know where exactly you run. In addition to sharing this data with your opponent, we might use this data to prepare some anonymous statistics about the usage of the app (e.g. might try to calculate the average pace of users who participate in remote races). We will never publish the race names or users' nicknames without getting users' consent first. Remote race data is periodically deleted from our server once it is not needed any more.

If you choose the option to share the workout track, the app creates a GPX file that contains the route you run and information when it happened. It means that anybody having access to this file will know where and when exactly you were during your run. Note, that Pace Control does not send the GPX file anywhere. The user select the app to send the file to and this app decides what happens with the file (e.g. it could be sent via e-mail, saved on a drive in the cloud etc.)

The option to export workouts to ".pac" file works in a similar way. The main difference is that in this case a single file contains information about all your workouts.

Advertisements and maps

In addition to data mentioned above, there is also additional aspect of data collection related to ads. Pace Control uses external ad networks to serve ads to users. Currently the app uses MoPub (owned by AppLovin) and AdMob by Google. These networks and third parties may be using cookies, web beacons, and other technologies to collect information as a result of ad serving. It is possible for these ad networks to recognize you and/or your device over time and this is used to better target ads to you. Your location can also be used for this purpose. You can read MoPub Privacy Policy (Section 1: End User Information) and Google's Privacy Policy to learn more.

The app also uses Google Maps service and shares some location-related information with Google because of this. For example Google's servers must know what part of the map should be sent to your phone for display. Google Maps service is also subject to Google's Privacy Policy.

Our servers

When you use our website or you run a remote race, you connect to our servers. The information about the requests you make to the server, time when it happens and some information sent by your web browser or network protocols (e.g. IP address, web browser name and version) might get logged. The servers are formally owned and maintained by our partner company that provides web hosting service for us.

We do not use cookies related to tracking user actions on our website. Cookies might used only by our hosting service vendor to manage network traffic in their data centers.