Remote race

Let us assume you have a friend, a running friend. He often says that he is faster than you. You wish you had a chance to race against him to prove that in fact you are faster, but he lives quite far away from you and it is difficult to arrange such a run. You can run separately and share your results to compare them, that is true. But how much better it is to run together with your opponent and react on what he does! Only then you can feel that adrenaline. Only then you are motivated enough to speed up just a little bit more because you see that this makes you win. What a pity you cannot run like this with your friend... or can you?

If you both use Pace Control, you can run a race with real-time feedback. You can be anywhere in the world far away from your friend and you can compete feeling almost exactly the same as if you were running head to head.

Note. Remote race functionality requires an Internet connection to work.

How to start a remote race?

To start a remote race:

  1. Make sure that your friend has Pace Control app installed on his phone. Of course, you also need to have the app installed.
  2. Agree on the race name. It can be anything you want, but both opponents must use exactly the same name. Otherwise they will not "see" each other. You also need to choose the race distance.
  3. Decide when you want to race. You need to start at the same time, so you must find a time slot that works for both of you.
  4. Launch the Pace Control app, enter the Settings screen and switch the Assistant mode to "Remote race".
  5. On the main screen of the app click the remote race button.
  6. Enter the race name, race distance and your nickname. Remember that you must use exactly the same race name and race distance as your friend. When done, click "Enter the race".
  7. Once you get connected, wait for your friend to enter the race. When he does it, his nickname will be displayed on the screen.
  8. Prepare for the race. When you are ready, click "Ready to start". Your opponent must do the same. Once it happens, a countdown timer will be shown. When it reaches zero, the race will be started. Take the time when a timer is running to put the phone in a pocket and/or do anything you want to make yourself comfortable to run. At the moment when the race starts you should be running already.
  9. Run like hell. :) You can see how you do in comparison to your opponent by looking at the screen. If you have voice feedback turned on, you will be able to hear who is in the lead as well. We highly suggest using voice feedback, as this seems to be much more comfortable than looking at the phone screen when you run as fast as you can.
  10. When you finish, you will be presented the results table. Now, it is time to take a screenshot and have a proof that you are indeed faster than your friend - this bloody looser who claimed otherwise. :)

Note. Remote race consumes considerably more battery than other modes implemented in Pace Control. This is because the app must exchange data with the server every few seconds. Make sure that your phone is charged well enough before going out to run a remote race or you risk running out of battery.