Using and troubleshooting headset buttons to control the app

Pace Control app makes it possible to use headset buttons to control it. Thanks to this using the app becomes more comfortable because for example you can start the workout with your phone in the pocket. To activate this function you must turn it on in the app's Settings and you also need to have a headset button which is compatible with Pace Control. Most headsets that work with music players (play, pause, next/previous track) should work with Pace Control.

Commands invoked by headset buttons

You can use headset buttons to invoke the following commands:

When the Pace Control app receives a request to run a command by pressing headset buttons, it plays a short sound confirming receiving the request. In case you use a multifunction button, be prepared for a slight delay required to detect the number of consecutive clicks.

When do these buttons work? How to start my run when the phone is locked?

Headset buttons do not work, if the workout is not started and the phone does not display the app's screen (e.g. it is locked). However starting the workout with the locked phone is possible. To do it, you need to long press the start button on the Pace Control app's screen - this will start the workout in suspended state (paused even before the time counter starts). Then you can lock the phone and put it in your pocket - pressing the headset button will resume the workout and start the timer.

Additional remarks